Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We have our own domain! Yup we do.

Our two-legged companions finally got me and Kate our own domain for our blog.  It's about time.  Please come visit us at Rose and Kate's Dogs Blog.  We'll be looking for you.  We've got tons of new posts and photos.
Rose and Kate's Dogs Blog

We also wrote a book based on our blog

Introducing Rose and Kate Unleashed

Rose and Kate Unleashed: Observations, Humor and Advice from Two Very Opinionated Dogs

 Now available for Pre-order from for delivery March 8, 2015.

Rose the Irish Setter and Kate the English Springer Spaniel, best friends for more than a decade, discovered several years ago that they had an amazing talent: they can blog. Since then, they have been writing down their observations, experiences and fun times and now they are ready to share them with you in their brand new Ebook, Rose and Kate Unleashed  Edited by Brian Hill and Dee Power.

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